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Bringing Clarity to Prescription Drug Cost Management

LucyRx is a national scale, full service, next generation pharmacy benefit manager.


About Us

We are a team of experienced operators and clinicians focused on developing local market solutions, which take a "patient first" approach while providing best-in-class, fully-transparent pharmacy benefit management services.


Derived from the Latin word for "light", LucyRx illuminates the opaque practices in the PBM industry and provides clarity on the effective management of your prescription drug costs.

The LucyRx Advantage


We empower your employees with technology; when they need it, how they want it


We empower our clients to address today’s increasing pharmaceutical costs 


We save your employees money at the point of sale and reduce your spend openly, honestly, and consistently

Introducing LightningIQ

Our proprietary technology platform offering best-in-class:

Product Sourcing

Advanced Clinical Insights

Manufacturing Assistance

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